TallyWacker™ the ultimate Golf Side Game App.

Play any of the games on the course without focusing on the scoring, side bets, or final payouts so you can focus on your game, and walk in, stress free to the 19th hole.

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What is TallyWacker™?

TallyWacker™ is an easy to use app, meant for the players to play, stress free any side game, without the need to have deep knowledge of the rules and the need to lose focus on their game. Never again, will the scorekeeper be more focused on the scorecard than their tee shot, we make it that simple. While we cannot guarantee if you win or lose, TallyWacker™ will make sure to accurately track your score based on your strokes and recommend the point allocation for you at the end as a summary. No more adding, double checking, then trying to figure out who owes what. TallyWacker™ keeps it for you! Enjoy yourself!

How It Works


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The TallyWacker™ Game Experience

Vegas—4 or 5 player

Vegas is played in a two-team format, but unlike traditional team games, where scores are added together or pick the best score, scores in Vegas are paired.

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9’s (5-3-1)—3 player

Nines is a very easy game to understand. On every hole, nine points are awarded to the three players in the match, and the points are awarded on the basis of how the players score (with or without handicap applied). Here’s how the points are distributed: First place – 5 pts, second place – 3 pts, third place – 1 pt

Wolf—3 or 5 player

Before the round starts, a tee shot order is determined that the players stick to regardless of score. Each player gets to be Wolf four times in an 18 hole round, 2 in 9 holes, with the player in last place in points is able to be the Wolf for the final two holes.

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Stableford—2-5 player

You play against everyone else in your group. The game is based on a point system, where the points you earn are determined by your score on the hole. How many points is a hole worth? Over time, variations on the game have arisen.

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Heads-Tails—3 or 4 player

Each player flips a coin at the beginning of every hole. Teams are formed based on flipping a coin, and selecting your team.

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12 Point—4 player

The teams change/alternate every 3 holes, so you play with the same person twice in around, 6 holes total. This is total of 6 points, 1 point for Closest to the Pin and birdie or better, 2 points for Low Net Score and Low Team Net Score. If you win all of those, it doubles to 12 points.

Captain—4 player

Per hole game/wager – Select the wager for the hole, birdies or better double the bet. Captain rotates every hole. The captain picks their partner, they then tee off. Low net score on the team wins the wager for the hole, no pushes.

Banker—3+ players

Every hole is a new game. The minimum bet amount is established before the round by the group. The maximum bet amount for each hole is determined by the player that is the banker. These are one on one bets with each player vs the banker.

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Bingo Bango Bongo—2+ players

1 point for each of the names. Bingo, is the first person on the green. Bango, Once all balls are on the green, the golfer with the ball closest to the pin. Bongo, is the first person in the hole. This is hard to play if you are playing ready golf, you need to play in order of the shot, especially for Bingo and Bongo.

Rabbit and Snake—2+ players

Rabbit is the last player in any selected amount of holes with the lowest net score, par or better, wins the pot. Snake is the last player in any selected amount of holes with the last 3-putt (or worse), pays each player the selected amount.

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